Wild Food Masterclass

Presents an opportunity for participants to learn and discover in depth knowledge about Ireland’s abundance of Wild Foods. The Wild Foods Master Class including Demonstrations and Practicals is the only regular course of its kind in Ireland.

THE WILD FOODS MASTER CLASS – Duration 3.5 hours approx. plus a tea/coffee break

Welcome tour of Macreddin Village including The Kitchens. A copy of our “Wild Food Booklet” packed full of identification notes, how to harvest instructions, recipes and how to traditionally preserve, will be given to each participant.

The Macreddin Village Wild Food Pantry: Participants will receive in depth tuition taking them through a full calendar of natural Wild Foods that are available along 327,000km of our Irish Hedgerows. The Class will cover identification as well as instruction on how to gather, cook and preserve using traditional methods such as sugar, oil, drying, vinegars and alcohol.

The Macreddin Village Kitchens:
Experience a practical hands-on demonstration by the Chefs of The Strawberry Tree Restaurant. Totally dependent on what is in season on the day, this class will cover the preserving, the presenting or the cooking of our Wild Irish Foods. These practical classes can range from making Wild Garlic Pesto to Wild Elder Flower Cordial or to a simple Wild Leaf Salad. Participants may also learn how to prepare, Wild Game to the drying of Wild Elder Berry to make traditional Gypsy Raisins or to the perennial favourite, the making of Sloe Gin, all of this and more, are demonstrated as the Wild Irish Food Seasons change.

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